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A quarter of all mobile apps have financial purposes. Some deal with online transactions, and others let you exchange between currencies. But, they all have something in common – high fees. So, when you add them up, you see that a big junk of your budget goes on someone else controlling your finances.

What if there was one place banding together all these financial services? And, for a small, insignificant fee, you regain complete control over your money?

Fortunately, such a place exists, and it offers all these benefits and even more. At Avantpay, you can manage your money online efficiently to generate growth in the long term., thanks to our partnership with Paxum.

Avantpay Benefits for You

At Avantpay, we help you save money and time. Instead of cruising from one app to another, you have all the financial services in one place. With one tap, you can engage in quick and safe operations, such as:

Send and receive money in different currencies from almost anywhere in the world.

  • Purchase anything you want from any website in the world safely and risk-free.
  • Schedule and pay monthly bills automatically.
  • Save money by paying smaller fees on transactions.
  • Free money transfers between Avantpay users.
  • Access to helpful customer support 24/7 and 365 days a year.
  • The freedom to choose between a business and a personal account.

Avantpay Offers You

With Avantpay, you finally get the financial freedom you have been expecting. We offer you the convenient service of operating all your accounts from one place. This way, you can make local payments, wire transfers, and other transactions quickly and safely with just one touch of the button.

You can send money by using your cards or accounts to more than 90 countries around the world. The same goes for when you need to receive payments from abroad.

Thanks to Avantpay, you never have to worry about missing to pay the mortgage or a utility bill in time. This system allows you to plan all your dues ahead with maximum efficiency.

What Is the Best Avantpay Account for Me?

Individual Accounts
  • Send money overseas to friends and family.
  • Pay some of the lowest fees in the industry.
  • Access various ways of saving money.
  • Connect your bank accounts and credit cards to our platform.
  • See deposits appear in your balance within a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Send money to other Avantpay users for free.
  • Get money from friends and family from more than 90 countries.
  • Withdraw money to your bank accounts within a maximum of 72 hours.
Individual Accounts
  • Pay your team of subcontractors quickly and efficiently.
  • Transfer money with significantly lower fees than other financial platforms.
  • Save money effectively through various economic methods.
  • Link your other financial accounts to Avantpay for free.
  • Send and receive money from other Avantpay users for free.
  • Deposit money quickly and have it in your Avantpay account in 1-2 days.
  • Wire money from Avantpay to your bank account in less than 3 business days.
  • Transfer and receive money from business clients and customers from more than 90 countries.

Get More Financial Freedom

Avantpay brings together all the financial services you need in today’s world. It offers all of them conveniently on the same platform for you to navigate easier through payments and transactions. This way, you no longer have to depend on countless financial apps to manage your money.

Avantpay was designed to help people overcome the dire situations that the recent financial crisis has brought for all of us. In these desperate times, even the lowest fees matter. So, instead of losing money by accessing different financial platforms, you get to save more by using one that accounts for all of them.

Avantpay financial freedom is not only for individual users. Business accounts benefit from a wide range of convenient financial services. Whether you are a beginner entrepreneur or a century-old enterprise, you can benefit from the unique advantages we provide for our corporate clients.

How Avantpay Works

When you open an account with Avantpay, you open the doors wide open to a whole new world of exciting financial opportunities!

The best part about Avantpay is that you do not have to start this journey alone. Our financial experts are ready to assist you with any query you may have. With their help, you can understand the platform better and all the benefits it provides.

Avantpay is an online payment platform with numerous financial instruments. As a new user, you will have to follow these simple steps:

Contact one of our agents.

Contact one of our agents.

Our team consists of experienced accountants and investors. They are ready to help you become familiar with the Avantpay interface. Also, they can suggest features and choices you can make regarding accounts and transaction types.

Use Avantpay services.

Use Avantpay services.

Now that you are on board with one of the most promising financial platforms, you can start using Avantpay risk-free. Start by linking your credit cards to our platform and fund your Avantpay accounts. Next, engage in any financial transaction you want. For instance, you can send and receive money, pay bills, or buy products and services online.

Start saving money.

Start saving money.

With Avantpay, you save money every time you use the platform. Simply by not using so many financial apps, you start saving more on fees. More so, you can enjoy a new level of financial freedom with fewer risks or concerns.



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